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Am besten laden Sie sich das Ticket gleich in die App DB Navigator. Wie es geht, haben wir oben beschrieben. Sie können Ihr Online-Ticket im Regelfall auch ersatzweise direkt auf einem mobilen Endgerät vorzeigen, vorausgesetzt, dass dieses PDF-Dokumente einwandfrei anzeigen kann. Hinweis für Reisen mit Privatbahnen oder im Ausland: Einige Privatbahnen oder ausländische Eisenbahnverkehrsunternehmen können das Online-Ticket aufgrund fehlender Technik nicht auf Gültigkeit prüfen. In diesem Fall ist ein Ausdruck notwendig. Das Ticket wird dann mittels Zangenabdruck entwertet. In diesem Fall können Sie sich das Online-Ticket vor der Fahrt beispielsweise in einem DB Reisezentrum ausdrucken lassen. Me neither. As I never had such a message with the tickets I loaded into the DB Navigator App on my smartphones. But I print out the tickets anyway to be on the safe side (if the smartphone goes on strike or is lost/broken). Rail&Fly tickets, on which no border stations are given, are only valid within the German railway network of Deutsche Bahn.

When travelling from abroad to a German airport or from a German airport to a foreign country, the Rail&Fly ticket allows travel only to/ from a German border station. Digital tickets are tickets you book online that you can use digitally. You will receive the digital ticket as a PDF file after booking and additionally by e-mail. In the next step, you can save the digital ticket as an online ticket (PDF) on your mobile device or load it into the DB Navigator app as a mobile phone ticket. It is no longer necessary to print the ticket. If online tickets or mobile phone tickets are not available on your selected route, you will be informed of this during booking. Rail&Fly is only valid in conjunction with a flight ticket for a train journey to/ from an international flight. The option is there when booking to have both a printed ticket AND download into the app together if you wish. If you have the app in your phone, you simply go to the `my tickets` section from the top left menu, swipe the screen downwards and your ticket *should* load with accompanying QR code to be scanned. If you don`t wish to print off a ticket or you don`t have the means, there is no need for a paper ticket. Having said that, I always print a paper ticket for insurance should a catastrophe occur, such as my handy getting lost or breaking down.

Your choice. This topic in the DB support forum confirms (in German) that you can show the PDF on your laptop or tablet as long as it can be prorperly scanned:… Quick booking lets you buy your ticket in just a few steps. Just swipe over the connection in the Connections section. You can buy almost all offers as online tickets. Then you decide: save the train ticket as an online ticket (PDF) on your mobile device, load it into the DB Navigator app or take it with you on your journey as a printout. Passengers must check-in to receive their travel document for the rail segment. Within 72 hours prior to the departure DB Rail&Fly train ticket can be picked up either: No, you MUST print it. However, there is a DB app for your smartphone. But these are two different types of tickets. The PDF is meant to be printed.

If you want to show the ticket in the app, you have to make the selection when buying it. Choose from a variety of payment options to pay for your train ticket. Could you, please, provide a screenshort of your DB navigator with “Notice: only the printout of the online ticket is valid.


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